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    The Western Vintage Tractor & Engine Club was formed in April 1990 by a small group of local vintage machinery enthusiasts. Its main purpose was to collect, restore and preserve old tractors, stationary engines, agricultural implements for tractors, horse drawn equipment, tools from the past both farm and domestic. Having restored many items the club set about finding a suitable field to hold a vintage rally for displaying their newfound treasures. Malachy and Helen Forde from the Country Club public house at Hollybrook, Hollymount were delighted to accommodate the club by letting them use the fields at the back of their premises. It was an excellent site for the event and the first vintage rally was held there in 1992. The club and the Hollymount Vintage rally has grown considerably over the years and this year 2011 we will be hosting the 20th annual vintage rally at the same site. The club has hosted two All-Ireland Vintage Rallies, the first in 2004 on behalf of IVETA and 2008 on behalf of IVS. There are several other club events each year one of them being Roundfort Autojumble and Auction which is held on the last Sunday of February each year.

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